Renting Vs. Buying a Fence: Which Is Better for Event Planners?

renting vs buying a fenceAs a fence rental company, we are obviously biased towards renting vs buying a fence as a short term solution. We do, however, recognize that there are instances when buying a fence would be advantageous. So, should you rent or buy a fence for your next special event?

Renting Vs Buying a Fence?

Event coordinators should consider the pros and cons of each. We believe there are more advantages to renting. One of the benefits is that a temporary fence rental company will perform all the setup for you. You would need your own staff to show up early to do the setup if you owned your own fence. This would result in higher staff pay.

Having your own fence also requires extra storage space when it’s not in use. Fencing material, barricades, and the tarp that goes over some of the fencing require massive amounts of space. Do you have that kind of room available in your warehouse? Furthermore, you will also need to rent a truck to transport the fencing material to the event location and back.

We definitely recommend renting for seasonal events held once a year. It’s definitely not more beneficial to buy if you only require the fence once or twice annually. Continue Reading →

Fences for 4th of July Kick-off Events

4th of July eventsWe love 4th of July for two reasons: it commemorates the birth of this great nation, and it’s also right in the early phase of summer. Businesses in and around the Seattle area can take advantage of this time of year to throw a patriotic-themed event. We know of a few 4th of July events ideas to help build your brand.

4th of July Events Ideas

Support the Troops

Throw a special event honoring the brave men and women in uniform. Invite service members and their families for a family fun day. As part of the promotion, offer a discount or some other offer exclusive to active and retired members of the U.S. military.

4th of July Picnic

This is a good idea for restaurants. Rent an outdoor area with an open grassy field. Customers will be seated right outside with a blanket laid out on the ground. Ordered food items will be packed and served inside a picnic basket. Continue Reading →

Beer Garden: The Ideal Event for Springtime Fun

beer gardenBeer gardens are a German tradition, but we feel they are perfectly suited for springtime activity right here in the good ol’ USA. If you’ve never heard of a beer garden, it’s simply an outdoor event where beer and food are served. If you’re planning a seasonal event for your company or city, then we recommend a beer garden. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable good time.

Why a Beer Garden?

A beer garden can serve as a PR event. Perhaps you can host the event to celebrate the grand opening or the merger of your company. Maybe you have a limited-time-only sale and want to kick off the special with a bang. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of a Fence Windscreen

Fence windscreenWe don’t just install temporary fences for seasonal events and construction projects. We also include other add-ons that increase privacy and protection. A fence windscreen is one such add-on commonly requested by our clients. You may benefit from it as well, depending on the nature of the event or project.

What Is a Fence Windscreen?

Its purpose is stated right in its name. The windscreen may come in the form of a tarp or mesh that covers the fence. It minimizes the disruption caused by strong gusts. Windscreens are a common component of construction fences. It serves as a barrier that reduces wind pressure at ground level.

The addition of a windscreen is especially beneficial now that winter is here. Seattle is no stranger to blustery days. While a windscreen won’t completely turn a windy day into a calm one, it will prevent strong winds from becoming an unnecessary distraction.

Windscreens also contribute significant value at sporting events. Wind disruption can disturb player focus and also influence ball trajectory. The windscreen also completely or partially blocks the view. This is useful for events where you want to prevent non-paying spectators from watching the game. Some sports fields also use the screens as a permanent fixture to ensure privacy during practice. Continue Reading →

Temporary Fencing Protects Endangered Wildlife

Fencing for Wildlife Protection Temporary fencing has a variety of applications. Our clients include businesses in the construction industry and seasonal merchants like fir tree sellers. What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that temporary fencing is versatile and has a much wider application than often realized. Did you know, for instance, that temporary fencing protects endangered wildlife?

Endangered Wildlife Protected with Temporary Fencing in Cali

We ran into this story back in 2014 and thought it was worth sharing. The snowy plover is a species of shorebirds common in the western part of the United States. It’s also an endangered species. In Pacifica State Beach, a coastline in the Bay Area of California, city officials erect a seasonal fence every fall around the snowy plover’s roosting grounds. The fencing directs human traffic away from the roosting area, which can be hard to spot.

We thought this was an interesting story to mention because Rent-A-Fence is also routinely involved in such endeavors. The Seattle and Spokane areas are known for a diverse wildlife population. We have erected temporary fences to cordon off areas that should not be disturbed by humans due to wildlife activity. Continue Reading →

Temporary Fencing for Newly Planted Trees

Temporary FencingArbor Day came and went earlier this year. Nevertheless, it is always a good day to plant a tree and make a contribution to the environment. Tree planting makes for a fun school activity or a city-led youth project. When you plant a young tree, you will need to protect it while it’s growing. Fencing for a tree will keep it safe until its strong enough to survive on its own.

Why You Need Fencing for a Tree

A seasonal fence will protect the tree from human tampering. Children might horseplay by tugging at the trunk or yanking on a branch. They might even deliberately try to uproot it. Children are less likely to proceed with their mischief if they have to get past a fence first.

It’s not just children that might disturb a young sapling. Growing trees are also vulnerable to damage from wildlife. The Seattle and Spokane area have an exploding deer population. Young bucks may rub their antlers on the tree, thus removing the bark. Once the bark is gone, the inner wood becomes exposed to other irritants, such as burrowing insects.

Likewise, some parts of our ecosystem also have a growing beaver population. Beavers, of course, are notorious for gnawing and severing trees from the base. Continue Reading →

Seasonal Fencing for October Activities

Seasonal Fencing for October │ Seattle │ Rent-a-FenceFall is here, and October is right around the corner. With this month comes special events for celebrating the culture of dress-ups, free candy, and the endless looping of Monster Mash. For event coordinators, seasonal fencing for October activities is a requirement for ensuring a safe event and preventing children from wandering.

Here are some outdoor Halloween-based activities for the little ones.

Pumpkin Hunt

This is similar to an Easter egg hunt, except you replace eggs with miniature pumpkins. In lieu of pumpkins, you can use an assortment of other items, such as plastic spider rings, vampire fangs, or miniature candy bars. A seasonal fence keeps the kids within the confines of the area. It can also keep the adults outside and prevent over eagerly parents from interfering.

Eyeball Spoon Race

This is like the typical egg-on-a-spoon race, but you’re swapping out the egg with a plastic eyeball (you can get these at the dollar store). You can make the event even more challenging by having teams of two and tying their legs together. Continue Reading →

Code Requirements for Construction Fencing

Construction Fencing Requirements │ Spokane │ Rent-a-FenceDue to the use of heavy equipment and machinery, construction companies must follow strict safety guidelines. This includes proper fencing to cordon off areas undergoing construction. OSHA has specific code requirements for construction fencing. Failing to follow these guidelines can result in hefty fines and possible revocation of your construction license.

What’s Required

Federal law requires a fence to ensure safety of both pedestrians and working crew. The fence establishes a perimeter which defines the boundary between the public and construction zone. The type of fencing required actually differs depending on the type of project.

When it comes to residential construction, for example, the regulations are a little more relaxed. OSHA requires the fence to be a minimum of four feet high and that’s about all. The type of fencing is left to your discretion.

Construction in commercial and industrial areas, however, is a whole other story. Because many pedestrians and vehicles pass the site, a higher fence height (normally six feet minimum) is required. Fencing also needs to be of heavy-duty material and come with additional attachments and/or guard rails for more durability. Continue Reading →