3 Fun Back-to-School Activities for K-12ers

Back-to-School ActivitiesSchool will begin soon in some districts and has already started in others. Sometimes children aren’t too thrilled about returning to the classroom. Schools and cities, however, can make this moment fun by incorporating back-to-school activities.

Ideas for Back-to-School Activities

1. School Supply Giveaway

This can be a fun event full of games and good food. The main idea, though, is to provide backpacks and fill them with school supplies, such as rulers, #2 pencils, crayons, etc. Hand these out to the parents. This is a nice way of providing for families from low income backgrounds.

2. Basket for the Teachers

Incorporate a fun arts and crafts activity where students can make their own basket from construction paper. They can fill it with classroom goodies, such as a box of chalk, dry erase markers, or a “best teacher” mug. When school starts, students can give it to the teacher as an appreciation gift.

3. Musical Raffle

This can be a dance, similar to a typical school dance. Use a musical theme and charge an entrance fee. Allow parents to also purchase raffle tickets for prizes. Proceeds can go to the school’s music department, since this is normally the first area to lose funding whenever a budget cut occurs.

Keep the Event Orderly

Regardless of the type of event, we strongly recommend installing a fence if holding the event outdoors. Fencing for special events ensures that children remain safely confined within the activity area. Most fences for seasonal activities can also be adorned with banners and other decorations to create an inviting atmosphere.

Organize a Back-to-School Event with a Border Fence

Stop by Rent-a-Fence to set up a fence for establishing an event perimeter. View our portfolio to see how our fences help keep back-to-school activities and similar functions safe and organized.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Fence Rental for School-Related Activities

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