Beer Garden: The Ideal Event for Springtime Fun

beer gardenBeer gardens are a German tradition, but we feel they are perfectly suited for springtime activity right here in the good ol’ USA. If you’ve never heard of a beer garden, it’s simply an outdoor event where beer and food are served. If you’re planning a seasonal event for your company or city, then we recommend a beer garden. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable good time.

Why a Beer Garden?

A beer garden can serve as a PR event. Perhaps you can host the event to celebrate the grand opening or the merger of your company. Maybe you have a limited-time-only sale and want to kick off the special with a bang.


Think of a beer garden as an outdoor pub. What kind of entertainment do you normally see in a tavern? Entertainment may include darts, a foosball table, and even a pool table. These items can be rented and placed outdoors. If you have a generator or access to indoor outlets, then you can even provide a jukebox or arcade and pinball machines.


It’s not enough to simply section off the event using cones and caution tape. Special event fencing may include the typical chain link fence and/or barricades. This establishes a clear boundary between the event participants and the rest of the general public. This is especially important for a beer garden where minors may try to sneak in and snag a few drinks. You can end up in serious legal trouble if anyone calls law enforcement reporting underage drinking at your event.

We’ll Handle the Fence Setup

You take care of the activities, and leave the fencing to us. Call Rent-A-Fence to set up a temporary fence to keep non-attendees and minors out. Our portfolio shows some of the fences we used for prior events in and around Seattle. Beer Gardens are just one of many ways to celebrate the spring festivities.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Fence Rental for Springtime Events

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