Temporary Fencing Protects Endangered Wildlife

Fencing for Wildlife Protection Temporary fencing has a variety of applications. Our clients include businesses in the construction industry and seasonal merchants like fir tree sellers. What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that temporary fencing is versatile and has a much wider application than often realized. Did you know, for instance, that temporary fencing protects endangered wildlife?

Endangered Wildlife Protected with Temporary Fencing in Cali

We ran into this story back in 2014 and thought it was worth sharing. The snowy plover is a species of shorebirds common in the western part of the United States. It’s also an endangered species. In Pacifica State Beach, a coastline in the Bay Area of California, city officials erect a seasonal fence every fall around the snowy plover’s roosting grounds. The fencing directs human traffic away from the roosting area, which can be hard to spot.

We thought this was an interesting story to mention because Rent-A-Fence is also routinely involved in such endeavors. The Seattle and Spokane areas are known for a diverse wildlife population. We have erected temporary fences to cordon off areas that should not be disturbed by humans due to wildlife activity.

In the above story, the barrier used was nothing more than a visual fence consisting of a rope held up by poles. In our case, we often use an actual fence to establish clear no-go zones.

We Take Pride in Our Role in Wildlife Conservation

Yes, we do special event fencing, so give Rent-A-Fence a call for such services. However, there’s also a side of our service that is deeply involved in safeguarding Seattle’s wildlife habitats. This is a side of us we really want to share because we want our clients to understand us completely. We have been proudly providing temporary fencing for endangered wildlife for as long as we have been in business.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Temporary Fencing for Wildlife Preservation

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