Temporary Fencing for Newly Planted Trees

Temporary FencingArbor Day came and went earlier this year. Nevertheless, it is always a good day to plant a tree and make a contribution to the environment. Tree planting makes for a fun school activity or a city-led youth project. When you plant a young tree, you will need to protect it while it’s growing. Fencing for a tree will keep it safe until its strong enough to survive on its own.

Why You Need Fencing for a Tree

A seasonal fence will protect the tree from human tampering. Children might horseplay by tugging at the trunk or yanking on a branch. They might even deliberately try to uproot it. Children are less likely to proceed with their mischief if they have to get past a fence first.

It’s not just children that might disturb a young sapling. Growing trees are also vulnerable to damage from wildlife. The Seattle and Spokane area have an exploding deer population. Young bucks may rub their antlers on the tree, thus removing the bark. Once the bark is gone, the inner wood becomes exposed to other irritants, such as burrowing insects.

Likewise, some parts of our ecosystem also have a growing beaver population. Beavers, of course, are notorious for gnawing and severing trees from the base.

Finally, most municipalities require fencing for recently planted trees. Be sure you are following council requirements. We recommend sturdy galvanized welded wire fencing with mesh openings. This will especially prevent wildlife intrusion. Trees and shrubs planted in close proximity may be protected using one large fence.

We’ll Protect Your Growing Trees

Our portfolio speaks for itself and includes projects ranging from residential use to construction work. We know for a fact that young trees are vulnerable, and their development will be severely stunted if they’re tampered with while they’re establishing themselves. Contact Rent-a-Fence to have protective fencing installed for your trees.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Temporary Fencing for Young, Growing Trees

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