Seasonal Fencing for October Activities

Seasonal Fencing for October │ Seattle │ Rent-a-FenceFall is here, and October is right around the corner. With this month comes special events for celebrating the culture of dress-ups, free candy, and the endless looping of Monster Mash. For event coordinators, seasonal fencing for October activities is a requirement for ensuring a safe event and preventing children from wandering.

Here are some outdoor Halloween-based activities for the little ones.

Pumpkin Hunt

This is similar to an Easter egg hunt, except you replace eggs with miniature pumpkins. In lieu of pumpkins, you can use an assortment of other items, such as plastic spider rings, vampire fangs, or miniature candy bars. A seasonal fence keeps the kids within the confines of the area. It can also keep the adults outside and prevent over eagerly parents from interfering.

Eyeball Spoon Race

This is like the typical egg-on-a-spoon race, but you’re swapping out the egg with a plastic eyeball (you can get these at the dollar store). You can make the event even more challenging by having teams of two and tying their legs together.

Haunted Mansion

Turn your home into a haunted house where children can tour and take pictures. The tour can include both the interior and exterior. Public facilities can do the same. In either case, you will need a fence to establish where the tour begins and ends.

Other Activities

Businesses may also require fencing for a temporary event, such as an outdoor pumpkin sale. Portions of the property which are decorated with morbid décor should also be cordoned off to prevent tinkering.

We Do Seasonal Fencing for October Activities

October is one of our busiest months; this is a testament to Seattle’s Halloween spirit. Our portfolio includes fencing for local businesses, schools, and churches holding Halloween and harvest-themed events. Contact Rent-a-Fence to have a seasonal fence installed for an October activity.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Seasonal Fencing for October Fun

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